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We create custom woodwork to fit the spaces you live and work. We provide  custom products that meet your needs and what’s important to you.

Do you have the need for custom furniture or built ins?  Prefer certain materials or colors?

Wish to use recycled or special materials?  Work can be as simple as materials cut or milled to size; mill work updates for you home or special room; built ins; furniture. Need a cabinet that will match your existing space or furniture  — or your personal style?  Custom CNC/laser engraving is available through a local partner. Large, small, simple, complex, all work is an opportunity.

Opportunity is good!

We can provide furniture and wood repair.  We can closely match its current appearance using modern (green, safer, and usually with better performance) materials.

We have the ability to provide a number of services, [LED] lighting upgrades, aging in place (home access, lighting, etc) modifications,  etc.

Ask — we are interested in discussing your needs.

Can we post something we made for you?

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