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Description of our work



  • Repair & refinish: Sometimes a beloved object  just show the impacts of a life lived.  
  • Update & modify:  Other times it just needs a refresh or repurpose.  Lighting, hinges, power, or adaptation to a new space.
  •  Closet finish/upgrade.
  • Wardrobes & armoires.
  • Pantry build and finish.
  • Vanity.
  • Replacement doors & trim.
  • Stair lighting and trim (molding, etc).
  • Architectural products:  Building replacement moulding (that is the traditional spelling), newel posts, stair treads, etc.
  • Glass door conversion for cabinets.
  • Updating cabinet hardware (modern features such as self closing doors, drawer slides, etc).

Range of work & contractual considerations

We are primarily woodworkers. We build to specification, install our work, or supply services (such as machining wood) as needed.

When we reach the end of our skill set, we engage other professionals.  Plumbing, electrical, extensive framing, drywall/texture, etc.

Insured through The Hartford; they email our policy coverage to you.  Currently we are insured for $1,000,000.

In our statement of work we detail timelines, responsibilities and dependencies, materials and broad construction details, site access issues & requirements, windows of work time, and who the decision maker is during the various phases of a project. That can be simple (furniture for example), or more complex (designer during build, site manager during install, etc).

Payment:  Generally, 50% before work begins, the remainder on delivery/installation.   We can work with credit card payment (with transaction fee), electronic payment (through our credit union), or cash.  Checks if funding is verified.


We are constantly testing new processes & products to improve our results.

  • Finishes are moving towards (some already are) automotive grade. We have a new finishing system on the way. This will allow us to offer higher quality (and longer lasting) finishes.   
  • We are working on offering laser engraving to our product options.  This will add to our personalization options.
  • Onsite, we use HEPA vacuums (lead remediation rated, documentation available on request).  The overwhelming majority of our power tools have built in dust collection.
  • We use an ambient air cleaner to capture as much dust as possible that escapes during the building process. 
  • Workspace noise is also important to us.  Often we will be in a space that is occupied, or has neighbors.  Our compressor, vacuums, and power tools are chosen to minimize noise impact.

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